Selected Photos - Trip to Newport, Oregon - August 2006
Mike Stahl - Superfunkomatic

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Sherman Pass, WA Sherman Pass, WA Apple Orchard, Outside Omak, WA Smokey - Leaving
Omak, WA - 5:00am
Forest Fire Smoke - Omak, WA
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Approaching Grand Coulee, WA Massive Expanse of Grand Coulee Look Down Towards
Grand Coulee Dam
The Grand Coulee Dam Above the Grand Coulee Dam
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North Cascades Scenic Highway Looking from Whence I Came - Cascades Highway Leaving the Cascades Highway Riding Up Sunrise - Mt. Rainier Sunrise - Mt. Rainier
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Penultimate Summit View of Mt. Rainier Ultimate Summit Viewpoint - Sunrise - Mt. Rainier Mt. St. Helens - 5 kilometres away Mt. St. Helens Mt. St. Helens
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Summit Viewpoint - Mt. St. Helens Mt. St. Helens - Spirit Lake Road to Cougar, WA - Twisty and Fun WA to OR border - Astoria Bridge Seaside, OR - First Sight Down Highway 101
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Fog Rolling In/Out - Tillamook, OR Beverly Beach, OR View From Hotel - Yaquina, Lodge - Newport, OR "Slow Down, You'll Live Longer" - Ironic Winery Stop in Central Oregon - Siletz, OR
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Sunflowers at Lunch Stop Rugged Coastline of Oregon - Devil's Punchbowl, OR Crazy Surfin' Hound Bridge Over Yaquina Bay, Newport, OR South of Newport, OR