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Calgary Marathon - Half Marathon Bib

First Half Marathon – Give’r

After battling illness for nearly four years, neurological issues and overall feeling terrible for so long, I’m finally ready to take on a new challenge and run my first half marathon.

The training started in September along with a change in diet. It would appear, although it is unconfirmed by tests, that I am a celiac. I’ve removed gluten completely from my diet and have slowly started to feel better, more energetic and a whole bag…

Getting the Outside On!

Goal for Summer Trip – Be Outside, A lot….

My trip to Alaska and Northwest Territories a few years back really drove one thing home – there’s a lot of world out there to see and with a bit of effort and time it’s easy to get lost (in a good way). I was amazed at the remoteness of the North and how space uninterrupted by humans can really make one relax and unwind.

This year, I will attempt to find quiet and remote places…

$80 bolt escapade

The $80 bolt, New Centre Stand, and Side Stand Bigfoot

After spending hours and hours and multiple methods I finally got a bolt out of the bike that was preventing me from installing the centre stand. The centre stand is a very useful tool when touring to lift up the bike and maintain the chain, change a tire if needed, or to really fill the bike to the absolute hilt with fuel. The bike has a dummy bolt that goes through the underside of the…

Ride to Longview - Just off Highway 22

It’s automatic, it’s systematic, it’s hydromatic… Well, it’s got new electrical farkles….

Added a few more components to the XL1000V Varadero last weekend. Power to the handlebars, new heated grips (ones on the bike failed), cleaned up and replaced a bunch of the wiring, and added a power centre to keep track of everything.

I’m not that handy with electrics but this was necessary and really cleaned up the underbelly of the bike. There were a lot of wires not fastened to anything or floating under the fuel…

SW Motech On-road/Off-road Footpegs FRS.01.011.80400.S

More Farkles for the Varadero

The parts that I’ve ordered have slowly started to trickle in. I have the Eastern Beaver PC-8 power supply, Oxford Adventure heated grips, and Centre stand (OEM) sitting and waiting to be added. I’ll do all of the under seat stuff when it is all here so I only have to take the tank off once and clean the air filter.

So I’ve just added a couple for now. The tank protector (Honda OEM 08P61MCS800) and…

Lovely Spring Day - Turner Valley

First Gravel Experience on Varadero

The weather was absolutely gorgeous today. It went from bleak and about 10 celcius to around 19 celcius around noon. A perfect day for a spin on the bike. Since this was only the third time riding it, it was time for some backroads and gravel.

I’d read about how top heavy the Varadero is – and it is. I’d read about how heavy the bike is – and it is. Already though, it is inspiring…

GIVI TRK52 Feature Image

Adding a new top case to Varadero – GIVI TRK52

The Varadero came with a Givi Monolock top case which did the trick for a helmet or small stuff but wasn’t really big enough or durable enough for anything other than commuting. So I decided to add a larger and more touring type of top case – the GIVI Trekker TRK52.

This case is absolutely cavernous. My case on my Honda VFR holds a ton of stuff and is a 46 Litre case. This is like…

SPOT Communicator Mount - XL1000V Varadero

Varadero – Adding GPS and SPOT Ram Mounts

One thing I really appreciated about buying a VFR was the excellent support from online forums – VFRdiscussion and VFRworld. VFR motorcycles must attract a ‘special’ kind of buyer and rider because they document everything. Every type of maintenance, alteration and equipment addition has been documented on those two sites – encyclopedic knowledge.

Well, buying a XL1000V Varadero has not been the same experience. I read an article that suggested that only 300 of them were…