• Bad Water - Death Valley
  • Lost Coast California - Mattole Rd.
  • Arches - Moab, UT - 2007
  • Algodones Dunes
  • Hurricane, UT
  • Grizzly - Hyder, AK
  • Denali National Park
  • Dempster Highway

Day Hike/Walk – Canyon Creek and Ing’s Mine

Lovely weather and excuse to take my buddy Taylor on a good long walk. Not a breath of wind which is unusual in this valley (almost every time there’s a howling wind). The temperature was warm at about 26 Celsius but we had an excellent 12 kilometre walk with hardly another soul around.

There are some really cool caves there and I’ll have to come back one day with the appropriate helmet and lights to…

Motorcycle Trip 2014 – Calgary to San Francisco – Summary

Total Number of Day for Trip: 20 days
Total Number of Days Riding: 13 days
Total Distance Traveled by Motorcycle: 4749.2 miles / 7643.1 kilometres (most distance in least number of days) – an average of 587 per day
Warmest Temp: 43 in Death Valley – smoking hot!
Lowest Temp: 6 Whitefish, MT – yikes! Even with proper gear you freeze the family jewels
Best Hotel: McMenamin’s – Old Francis – I’m going to have…

Day 22 – The Ride Home – Kalispell to Calgary

Distance: 316 miles / 509 kilometres
Temps: Low 6 celcius (outside of Whitefish to border crossing) / High 18 Fernie, BC
Riding Time: 8:15 – 2:45pm

The last days of my summer tours are always a bit bitter sweet. I’m tired and glad to go home, but also I really do enjoy exploring and seeing new things and just plain riding. This trip was no exception. I haven’t taken nearly as many photos on this trip…

Clearwater River - Lovely Jade Green Water

Day 21 – Clarkston to Kalispell, MT

Distance: 336 miles / 541 kilometres
Temps: Low 9 celcius Lolo Pass / High 15 Kalispell
Riding Time: 9 – 5:30 pm

Today was a relatively easy day distance-wise and the beginning of the end of the trip. As you go farther north there are less twisty roads to get excited about and the temperatures start to dwindle back down to what I’m used to at home.

Every trip there are a few things that I bring…

Rattlesnake Grade

Day 20 – Baker City to Clarkston, WA

Distance: 286.1 miles / 460 kilometres
Riding Time: 9:00-5:30
Temps: Low 18 Celcius (start of day) / High 34 Hells Canyon

Another awesome day of riding. 

Showers through the night disippated and left behind cloudless skies for today’s ride.

Today’s ride included Hells Canyon, Wallowa Mountain Road FR39 and the Rattlesnake Grade. 

I’d read about the Hells Canyon Rally and the sheer awesomeness of the road to the a Snake River Dam. It’s about 20 miles of turns that…

Day 19 – Bend to Baker City, OR

Distance: 282.2 miles / 454 kilometres
Riding time: 8:45-4:00pm
Temps: Low 14 McKenzie Pass / High 32 Paulina

I really enjoyed my stay at the Old St. Francis hotel. Great vibe and atmosphere. The food was amazing – spicy prawn linguini (chock full of prawns). I had a sampling of some of the beers and really enjoyed the double IPAs and even the berry filled ones. 

During planning for the trip I scaled back the roads and…

Lava Rock - Miles of the Stuff

Day 18 – Klamath Falls to Bend, OR

Distance: 273 miles / 440 kilometres
Riding time: 8:30-4:30pm
Temps: Low 14 (Klamath morning) High 25 (Bend)

This is one of those days that confirms why I love riding a motorcycle. Great weather and perfect roads with scenery.

Yesterday, I ran right down to the bottom of my reserve. When I filled up I found that I still had 2.25 liters left which would have taken me about 40-50 kilometres farther. Legendary fuel performance at steady…

Day 17 – Ferndale to Klamath Falls, OR

Distance: 443.7 miles / 714 kilometres
Riding time: 8:30 – 8:15pm Whew! Long one.
Temps: 12 Celcius (Ferndale) / 35-38 inland – most of the day

Got up, packed and moving at a reasonable time. I knew it would be a long day, but it turned out to be a LONG day.

GoogleMaps into GPX files is somewhat imperfect. Today was a perfect example. I got gas and left on the 101 highway looking to catch…