• Bad Water - Death Valley
  • Lost Coast California - Mattole Rd.
  • Arches - Moab, UT - 2007
  • Algodones Dunes
  • Hurricane, UT
  • Grizzly - Hyder, AK
  • Denali National Park
  • Dempster Highway
SW Motech On-road/Off-road Footpegs FRS.01.011.80400.S

More Farkles for the Varadero

The parts that I’ve ordered have slowly started to trickle in. I have the Eastern Beaver PC-8 power supply, Oxford Adventure heated grips, and Centre stand (OEM) sitting and waiting to be added. I’ll do all of the under seat stuff when it is all here so I only have to take the tank off once and clean the air filter.

So I’ve just added a couple for now. The tank protector (Honda OEM 08P61MCS800) and…

Lovely Spring Day - Turner Valley

First Gravel Experience on Varadero

The weather was absolutely gorgeous today. It went from bleak and about 10 celcius to around 19 celcius around noon. A perfect day for a spin on the bike. Since this was only the third time riding it, it was time for some backroads and gravel.

I’d read about how top heavy the Varadero is – and it is. I’d read about how heavy the bike is – and it is. Already though, it is inspiring…

GIVI TRK52 Feature Image

Adding a new top case to Varadero – GIVI TRK52

The Varadero came with a Givi Monolock top case which did the trick for a helmet or small stuff but wasn’t really big enough or durable enough for anything other than commuting. So I decided to add a larger and more touring type of top case – the GIVI Trekker TRK52.

This case is absolutely cavernous. My case on my Honda VFR holds a ton of stuff and is a 46 Litre case. This is like…

SPOT Communicator Mount - XL1000V Varadero

Varadero – Adding GPS and SPOT Ram Mounts

One thing I really appreciated about buying a VFR was the excellent support from online forums – VFRdiscussion and VFRworld. VFR motorcycles must attract a ‘special’ kind of buyer and rider because they document everything. Every type of maintenance, alteration and equipment addition has been documented on those two sites – encyclopedic knowledge.

Well, buying a XL1000V Varadero has not been the same experience. I read an article that suggested that only 300 of them were…

2008 Honda Varadero XL100V

New Bike and New Adventure

Last summer I sold the KLR650 I bought in 2010. To be honest, I never really liked the bike from the beginning. I know people rave about them about how cheap they are, easy to fix, and that they will ‘go anywhere’.

For me, it just never really started any kind of love affair. The suspension was old and too light for the size of the bike let alone an average sized guy and gear. It felt…


Day Hike/Walk – Canyon Creek and Ing’s Mine

Lovely weather and excuse to take my buddy Taylor on a good long walk. Not a breath of wind which is unusual in this valley (almost every time there’s a howling wind). The temperature was warm at about 26 Celsius but we had an excellent 12 kilometre walk with hardly another soul around.

There are some really cool caves there and I’ll have to come back one day with the appropriate helmet and lights to…

Motorcycle Trip 2014 – Calgary to San Francisco – Summary

Total Number of Day for Trip: 20 days
Total Number of Days Riding: 13 days
Total Distance Traveled by Motorcycle: 4749.2 miles / 7643.1 kilometres (most distance in least number of days) – an average of 587 per day
Warmest Temp: 43 in Death Valley – smoking hot!
Lowest Temp: 6 Whitefish, MT – yikes! Even with proper gear you freeze the family jewels
Best Hotel: McMenamin’s – Old Francis – I’m going to have…

Day 22 – The Ride Home – Kalispell to Calgary

Distance: 316 miles / 509 kilometres
Temps: Low 6 celcius (outside of Whitefish to border crossing) / High 18 Fernie, BC
Riding Time: 8:15 – 2:45pm

The last days of my summer tours are always a bit bitter sweet. I’m tired and glad to go home, but also I really do enjoy exploring and seeing new things and just plain riding. This trip was no exception. I haven’t taken nearly as many photos on this trip…